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Alexander Ramos, DMD

Dentist in Boynton Beach, Florida at Sage Dental of Central Boynton Beach
Dentist in Boynton Beach, Florida at Sage Dental of East Boynton Beach

Introducing Dr. Alex Ramos, a dynamic and compassionate dental professional who embodies the spirit of service and community empowerment.

Graduating just this past May of 2023, Dr. Ramos's journey into dentistry has already begun to make a meaningful impact. As an active member of the Florida Dental Association, he's aligned with a community that values excellence and patient care.

Beyond the dental clinic, Dr. Ramos dedicates his time to volunteer work at the Hands clinic in Port Saint Lucie. Here, he offers his skills to provide dental care to underserved individuals, free of cost. This commitment to community service underscores his belief in making quality healthcare accessible to all.

Dr. Ramos's decision to pursue dentistry stems from his genuine enjoyment of working with others. Driven by a desire to take on a larger role in serving his community, he's found a perfect match in dentistry, a field that merges his passion for healthcare and community well-being.

Sports have been a constant in Dr. Ramos's life, with baseball and basketball holding a special place in his heart. Alongside his athletic interests, he's an avid fan of sneakers, a testament to his appreciation for both style and comfort.  In his downtime, Dr. Ramos finds enjoyment in the simple pleasures of life – enjoying long walks on the beach, where the serene waves and soft sands mirror the calming influence he brings to his patients' dental experiences.

Alexander Ramos, DMD