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Amy Camba, DMD

Dentist in Atlanta, Georgia at Sage Dental of Midtown Atlanta

Meet Dr. Amy Camba, a distinguished prosthodontist who graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry in 2010. Driven by a passion for transformative dentistry, she has dedicated her career to reconstructing smiles and rehabilitating patients who have faced challenges with multiple tooth loss or impaired chewing and speaking function.

What sets Dr. Camba apart is her genuine enthusiasm for her patients' well-being. She finds immense satisfaction in reconstructing smiles, giving individuals the confidence and happiness they deserve daily. Dr. Camba's proficiency in prosthodontics and her compassionate approach make her a trusted professional in the field.

Dr. Camba's commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the dental office. She embarked on a dental mission trip to Honduras, demonstrating her dedication to providing oral healthcare to underserved communities.

Dr. Camba engages in competitive speed puzzling in her free time, showcasing her love for challenges and problem-solving. However, her greatest joy comes from spending quality time with her family, which includes her beloved 12-year-old English bulldog, Tinkerbell.

Amy Camba, DMD