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Brock Philips, DMD

Brock Philips, DMD

Dr. Brock Philips, a Jacksonville native, traces his roots back to the vibrant city where he was born and raised. His educational journey began at Wolfson High School, setting the stage for a future marked by academic excellence and a deep connection to his community.

After graduating from Wolfson High School, Dr. Philips entered the University of Florida, earning a bachelor's in zoology. His allegiance to the Gators remained unwavering as he continued his education at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, graduating in 1996. Dr. Philips is a proud, full-blooded Gator, embodying the spirit and pride associated with his alma mater.

Dr. Philips's story is interwoven with a touch of rivalry, as his wife, a nurse practitioner, proudly graduated from Ohio State University. While they may playfully disagree on college football team allegiances, their shared enthusiasm for the sport adds an extra layer of excitement to their lives during the football season.

At 50, Dr. Philips embraced the joys of fatherhood, becoming a proud father to an amazing son who has become the focal point of his weekends and hobbies. Now in kindergarten, Dr. Philips is dedicated to ensuring his son grows up positively, making cherished memories with his family.

Having practiced dentistry in Jacksonville for several years, including a notable 15-year tenure with David and Associates, Dr. Philips temporarily stepped back from his dental career when his son was born. During this time, he worked part-time, covering multiple offices in the North Florida region. Now that his son is in school full time, Dr. Philips is back at the helm, fully immersed in his role as a dentist at Sage Dental. His commitment to his profession and family exemplifies the balance he strikes as a dedicated family man and experienced dental practitioner in the Jacksonville community.

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Brock Philips, DMD