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Maria Celina Sanchez, DDS

Dentist in Zephyrhills, Florida at Sage Dental of Zephyrhills

Dr. Maria Celina Sanchez, a 2020 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, has been making a significant impact on oral health since the early days of her career. Although she initially worked in Michigan post-graduation, Maria recently decided to relocate to Florida, drawn by the warmth and the opportunity to be close to family.

Dentistry holds a special place in Dr. Sanchez's heart. She finds immense satisfaction in developing trusting relationships with her patients, helping them alleviate pain, and contributing to their well-being. Dr. Sanchez's approach to dentistry is characterized by compassion and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those she serves.

Dr. Sanchez's love for exploration extends to her free time outside the dental office. Whether discovering new places or trying out different restaurants, Dr. Sanchez embraces the adventure of exploring the world around her. On quieter days, she appreciates the comfort of home, enjoying the simple pleasures of watching TV and unwinding.

Dr. Sanchez's interests go beyond the borders of her profession. Her curiosity about languages and cultures has led her to continually explore and learn, reflecting her open-minded and inclusive approach to life. Always up for trying new activities, Dr. Sanchez has delved into archery, pottery, and rock climbing, demonstrating her enthusiasm for new experiences.

In addition to her adventurous spirit, Dr. Sanchez values hearing about other people's hobbies and recognizing the richness that diverse interests bring to life. As she continues her journey in dentistry and beyond, Dr. Sanchez remains dedicated to building trusting relationships, alleviating pain, and savoring the diverse tapestry of life's experiences.

Maria Celina Sanchez, DDS