Sage Dental

Efrain Coronado, DMD

Dentist in Tucker, Georgia at Sage Dental of Tucker

Dr. Efrain Coronado has been a part of the Sage Dental family in South Florida for over 15 years.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in biology, Dr. Coronado went on to attend the University of Maryland for graduate school where he also obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1998.

Dr. Coronado has 21 years of experience practicing all facets of general dentistry and collaborating with specialists to deliver the best possible results. He brings experience, passion and compassionate care to all of his patients.

In 2009, he founded Missions of Love, a humanitarian mission that provides free dental and medical services to those who are most in need in Colombia. Missions of Love also provides technical training, recreation and more.

This year, Dr. Coronado obtained his master’s degree in theology, which he pursued for personal growth. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, soccer and traveling. He and his wife, Estefania, are happily married with four children: Natasha, Julian, Samuel and Victoria.

Efrain Coronado, DMD