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Marie Basco, DDS

Dentist in Jacksonville, Florida at Sage Dental of Jacksonville Southside

Dr. Marie Basco is a distinguished dental professional with a rich background and a deep commitment to her craft. Graduating from the University of the East in October 1978, she embarked on a fulfilling career in dentistry and became a dedicated faculty member in the same institution. In her role, she imparted her expertise in Oral Anatomy and Restorative Dentistry, serving as a clinical supervisor.

Dr. Basco completed IV sedation training at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, in 2004, elevating her skills. Her pursuit of excellence is further evidenced by her membership in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, highlighting her dedication to providing advanced and comfortable dental experiences for her patients. Additionally, she has honed her knowledge through training with Advanced Hygiene Concepts.

Dr. Basco's active involvement extends beyond the dental realm, as she has been a cherished member of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church since 1990. Her commitment to community and faith reflects her well-rounded approach to life.

Away from her professional and community commitments, Dr. Basco finds joy in the kitchen, displaying a passion for cooking anything and everything. This culinary enthusiasm adds a delightful dimension to her personality.

What truly fuels Dr. Basco's passion for dentistry is witnessing the positive impact it has on her patients. She takes immense pleasure and satisfaction in the genuine gratitude of individuals who, after treatment, can finally smile without pain, eat with confidence, and proudly display their new smiles.

Dr. Basco is not just a dentist; she is a compassionate caregiver dedicated to nurturing smiles, building confidence, and making a lasting difference in the lives of those she serves. She is fluent is Pilipino Dialects and English, which enables her to communicate with  diverse cultures.

Marie Basco, DDS