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Mary Shenouda, DDS

Mary Shenouda, DDS

Meet Dr. Mary Shenouda, a dedicated dental professional with an impressive educational background and a heartwarming approach to patient care.

Dr. Shenouda holds a unique dual degree in dentistry. She achieved her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in Michigan in 2015. Additionally, she earned her bachelor's degree in dentistry from her home country, Egypt, and further enriched her skills with a year of postgraduate training there.

Dr. Shenouda's dental philosophy is rooted in the principles of efficiency and professionalism. Her dedication to exceptional care is complemented by her commitment to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for her patients.

Beyond her dental expertise, Dr. Shenouda enjoys the simple pleasures of life. She enjoys listening to music and taking leisurely walks, often accompanied by her husband. Her love for her patients shines through her practice, as she treats each individual with the warmth and care of a cherished family member. Witnessing the happiness of her patients is what truly drives her.

A proficient communicator, Dr. Shenouda is fluent in both English and Arabic. This linguistic ability facilitates her connections with diverse patients, ensuring effective and compassionate care.

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Mary Shenouda, DDS