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Simona Zigmond, DDS

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Meet Dr. Simona Zigmond, a seasoned dentist with roots in New York, though her heart has found a home in South Florida for most of her life.

Dr. Zigmond earned her Biology degree from Nova Southeastern University before venturing back to the bustling streets of NYC to obtain her dental degree from NYU College of Dentistry. Following graduation, she returned to South Florida, where she laid the foundation for her dental practice.

Driven by a lifelong dream, Dr. Zigmond has always aspired to be a dentist. Witnessing the joy she brings to her patients by making them smile is the most rewarding aspect of her profession.
Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Zigmond enjoys spending quality time with her family and exploring new destinations through her travels.

Fluent in both English and Russian, Dr. Zigmond is also working on honing her Spanish language skills. Her dedication to communication reflects her commitment to providing inclusive and personalized care to her diverse patient community.

Simona Zigmond, DDS