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Zainab Rawi, DDS

Dentist in Daytona, Florida at Sage Dental of Daytona at Beach Street

Dr. Zainab Rawi is a dedicated General Dentist who is passionate about providing comprehensive dental care. Her dentistry journey began with her first Dental Degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Baghdad in 2006. With a commitment to expanding her skills, she practiced dentistry in both Iraq and Jordan, accumulating valuable experience.

Upon relocating to the United States, Dr. Rawi furthered her education by affiliating with the University of Michigan. There, she immersed herself in various departments, including Periodontal, Hospital Dentistry, and Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, enhancing her proficiency in treating diverse patient populations, including those with special needs. Dr. Rawi went on to earn her second Dental Degree in Dental Surgery from Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis in 2021.

Dr. Rawi's dedication to advancing dentistry is not confined to clinical practice alone. She has conducted research in Psychiatry and General Dentistry at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. This research is fueled by her belief in the interconnectedness of oral health and overall well-being, as well as her commitment to understanding the psychological aspects of dentistry to alleviate patient anxiety and fear.

As a highly accomplished dentist, Dr. Rawi brings a wealth of experience from working in different countries and serving patients from diverse backgrounds. Committed to providing up-to-date and exceptional dental care, she actively participates in continuing education courses and dental conferences, ensuring her patients benefit from the latest advancements in the field. Fluent in English and Arabic, she creates an inclusive and comfortable environment for all her patients.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Rawi, a loving wife and mother of two, Lara and Yamaun, relocated to the Sunshine State, Florida, in 2023. She enjoys various hobbies, including traveling, swimming, drawing, sketching, and staying abreast of fashion trends.

Zainab Rawi, DDS