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Hey there, parents. We understand ortho care can be like a rollercoaster ride. Managing ortho appointments isn’t just about the time spent in the chair. It’s the wild scheduling rush, coordinating school pick-ups, the paperwork loop-de-loop, and the never-ending juggling act. We’re right there with you, riding a rollercoaster of responsibilities. That’s why Sage Dental’s remote care DentalMonitoring solution is here to be your ortho companion. Find out how it works below.

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How Dental Monitoring works:

Convenience on the Go:

Ortho check-ups shouldn’t interrupt your never-ending parental duties. With the ScanBox Pro and DentalMonitoring app, you can do an ortho visit right from your living room or while waiting at soccer practice.

Less Time in the Office, More Time for You:

Reduce multiple ortho visits by up to 50%! Yes, you read that right. Less time at the dentist means more time for you, whether that’s a moment of peace with your coffee or conquering that growing to-do list.

Kick the Schedule Juggling to the Curb:

Forget trying to work in ortho visits during school and missing after-school activities. With DentalMonitoring, say goodbye to schedule juggling. Enjoy more me-time or let’s be real, uninterrupted grocery shopping time.

How Dental Monitoring works:

Download, Install, Go!

Snag the DM app with the link from that email (you know, the one you flagged earlier). Pop it on your smartphone and you're ready to roll.

Snap a Smile

Armed with the user-friendly ScanBox Pro, capture those pearly whites from anywhere – be it your kitchen, the car, or the office. It's as easy as snap, send, and smile!

Stay Updated Without the Wait

Sent your scans through? Your trusty ortho reviews them and, if they have updates or feedback, they’ll ping you via the app. And guess what? Most of the time, you won’t even need to step into the clinic. Magic, right?

Sit Back and Sip That Coffee:

You now have a moment to yourself, all while being reassured that your kiddo’s smile is in good hands. Yes, you can get ortho care and drink your coffee too!


Easy Ortho Locations:

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