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For many patients, orthodontic treatment is necessary for achieving a brilliant smile. Orthodontic treatment improves the appearance of crooked or malpositioned teeth and moves them into a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing position.

Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of the teeth, but it also corrects the bite, maximizes the functional performance of teeth for eating and speaking and creates a well-aligned smile.

Although orthodontic braces were once designated for pre-teens and teens, they are just as popular among adults. It is never too late to improve your smile. As the demand for teeth-straightening procedures increases, so do the available options for fixing teeth. Patients are no longer limited to traditional metal or clear porcelain orthodontic braces. They also have the choice of Invisalign® braces, a clear choice to straighten your teeth.

Sage Dental is your one-stop shop for receiving a customized orthodontic treatment plan. We perform orthodontic braces and Invisalign® on patients of all ages at 20 of our state-of-the-art facilities throughout Florida. Our Orthodontists specialize in braces, straightening teeth and correcting improper bites, using only the best materials and latest techniques.

We know convenience is key, which is why we offer all primary and secondary orthodontic treatments in one location. With Sage Dental you will never have to travel back and forth to other dentists. You can get your cleanings, extractions, teeth whitening and other related treatments done in the same office. 
Sage Dental makes orthodontic treatment affordable by offering first-time patients a free orthodontic consultation and affordable financing options without a credit check.

Let Sage Dental help you achieve the stunning smile you deserve.

The Benefits of Braces

Investing in orthodontic care provides enormous value, benefits and importance in one’s life. Beyond the
function of chewing, the “smile” has been determined to be a significant part of first impressions, establishing relationships, sending messages of warmth and friendship and providing a real sense of confidence. Positive orthodontic outcomes offer emotional, esthetic and overall physical and dental health benefits.

Enhanced Appearance

Everyone wants to feel more attractive. Improving the appearance and alignment of your teeth can help improve your self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improve Oral Health

Crowded and crooked teeth are problematic as they are difficult to clean and maintain. If untreated, this
 frequently causes more serious problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Improve Dental Function

Problems with your bite could often create other serious oral concerns. Abnormal wear on the tooth surfaces, 
difficulty chewing and difficulty pronouncing certain words are all very common. Teeth in need of orthodontic
 treatment, if untreated, can damage the joints that operate your jaw (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – TMJ). By establishing a healthy bite, you could avoid future costly dental treatments and support your overall dental health.

How Soon?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that all children receive an orthodontic screening by the age of 7. At this age, bones are still growing, making it an ideal time to
 determine if a child will require orthodontic treatment. Early treatment in some patients can minimize or even prevent developmental problems, ultimately saving the patient time and money.