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Prosthodontics Dentistry


Unlike dentures, dental implants look and feel like natural teeth.

Implants are the Optimal Solution for:

  • the replacement of a missing tooth
  • as an anchor for a partial or full denture
These multi-step procedures require specialist dentists – Prosthodontists, Oral Surgeons, or Periodontists. Specialists have received years of additional training in their fields. Having them on-staff at Sage Dental means they partner with your general dentist – so you get the team you need. We call it a Total Care Solution.

How Does an Implant Work?

Unlike other oral replacements, a dental implant does not require the support of other teeth. With dental implants, a titanium post is used to fuse together the artificial root (post) with the surrounding bone. Following dental implant procedures, the bone heals around the implant and holds it in place just like the root of the original tooth. Dental implants are also used to support other integral dental prosthetics such as removable dentures, permanent bridges and crowns. Dental implants also ensure dentures never fall out, which means you can eat and smile with confidence.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Firm support: single-tooth implants, and implant-supported bridges and dentures don’t slip. This makes eating and speaking as close to normal as you can get.
  • Our patients tell us that implant-supported dentures are more comfortable and provide a more natural feel than standard dentures
For missing teeth, the implant not only improves your smile and how you eat, it prevents:
  • the jawbone from shrinking/losing bone
  • the cheek from sagging (which makes you look older)
  • adjoining teeth from subsiding
  • opposing teeth from protruding
Implants can last a lifetime – making them very affordable in the long run.

Three Most Common Applications for Implants

1. Single-tooth implants: does not involve treatment to the surrounding teeth
single tooth implants
Dentures and Bridges can be permanently fixed to the implant or they can be clipped on/off. The firm anchoring means that whether they’re removable or fixed, they provide a significantly better experience (eating/speaking/feeling) than standard dentures. 2. Implant-supported bridge: integration to the jawbone supports other teeth implant supported bridge 3. Implant-supported denture The procedure can be completed in a day; if more complicated, it may take several months. At Sage Dental we can perform all the steps, so you won’t need a referral and you won’t have to worry about going out-of-network. Our periodontist or oral surgeon surgically place the implant. Your general dentist can then fit a crown; for more complicated bridges and dentures the design and fit will be best handled by our on-staff prosthodontist. Steps we take to get started:
  • X-rays to determine if the jawbone can handle the implant.
  • Models of the mouth for the replacement teeth.
  • Treatment plan created by our specialists.
  • Surgery using anesthetic. Precise channels created for the screw insertion. This will fuse with the bone in 2-6 months.
  • We attach an abutment to the implant, which will hold the crown/replacement tooth.
  • The custom crown is cemented or screwed to the abutment. For bridges/dentures multiple crowns will be attached at the same time.
Wondering if you’re too old for the benefits that implants can bring? If you’re healthy and can cope with a tooth extraction, that’s more important than your age. Find a location near you and call us today for a consultation.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

At Sage Dental, we offer affordable dental implants and we take most insurance. Find a location near you and call us today for more information on pricing. If you do not have dental insurance, learn more about our Sage Dental SageCare+ program, where you can save up to 65% off our standard fees on all general, specialty and even cosmetic dental care. We also offer a number of financing options to help make this treatment accessible to all of our patients.